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15 of Iphone 12 Excellent


As the prestige gadget,iphone product alwas be awaited by many people. One of each iphone product with the latest launched product is iphone 12. This product is complete previouse iphone product. That’s why, big part of people want to have it cause not only just for prestige. This product has some excellent. Here are its excellent:

1. OLED Screen

Iphone 12 is suported with OLED screen, which it is more advance than LED. Its screen is more sesitivity to move by finger even just touch it. This advance technology is one step a head from LED, OLED stands for organic light emiting diode that support screen with high sensitivity.


2. Long Life Battery

Another excellent of this product that supported with long life battery. It is better than another smartphone that supported with short life battery. Its product supported with high tecnology with long life using. 


3. Waterproof

There is no smartphone like this excellent. Usually, another smartphone always easy off when meet the water, while iphone 12 is supported with waterproof technology even in water with 30 minutes long time.


4. Dust prooft

We should to give thanks for iphone 12 creator because of this product is supported with dust proof. As we know, dust always broken a hardware of smartphone, but ceramic shield from this product can forbiden a dust to broke it up.


5. Resient

Another excellent of iphone 12 is resilent. It can give feel save for user when bring it out without fear fall down. Althouhght that, user should be carefull in any situation even thought its product is resilent.


6. High Technology Camera

Product of  iphone 12 always famous with high technology camera. More over for this product because there are  camera in front and rear with supported . Event more for night mode selfie camera.  Even more it’s supported for video with 60 frames. 


7. Support 5G

5G technology of iphone 12 support for clear video call, clear sound and without laging. So, this product is more advande than previous generation that only support for 4G technology. Everyone can communication easily and clearly with 5G technology.


8. Having System on Chip

Chip control in iphone 12 is brain to operate all software for this product. Even thought small but it can work bigger. Such as supported long life battery, bigger RAM, and multi tasking. 

9. Integrated Control Between Hardware and Software

Like explain previous point, it still about chip which it is brain of iphone 12. This chip is called A14 bionic. This technology is lateast Apple technology can make integration control between hardware and software.


10. Fast Charging

One of excellent from iphone 12 is supported with fast charging recharge. This product is not only long life battery but fast charging technology. User just need 30 minutes for 50 battery is full of charge.


11. Safe Environment

Skin of iphone 12 support for safe environment because of skin is made from recycle plastic and earth. Thus, this product is safe for user from radiant because of electromagnetic from the skin.


12.  12 MP Camera in Front and Rear

Iphone 12 is supported for high resolution picture from camera because of 12 MP camera in front and rear. So, it can capture picture clearly and sharply. Even though for night mode selfie. Use can get experience with high resolution picture for day and night.


13. Supported by  Magsafe Technology

Magsafe just for Macbook when Macbook is realeased for the first time. But now, Apple complete magsafe for iphone 12. This technology seems magnetic adaptor that suuport iphone easy to adapted many kind new accessory.


14. High Technology Supported

With some excellent  of iphone 12. This gadget is supported with high technoloy. Such as, there is LIDAR signal to give notice to user about something in front. So, user can change the move without fear break down. LIDAR stands for light detections and ranging.   


15. The Latest Design Compatibility

This product is designed by latest design, with more slim and easy to use and easy to bring out. For many kind design is launched for  i phone 12 mini, i phone 12 max pro, and i phone 12, iphone 12 reguler.


Iphone12 is new breaktrough communication technology gadget. It presents to support every one who need gadget that can make everything is more simple and easy to use. Especially for busy people. This is a small phone with big potential. So, everyone can communication and speak up with video call is more clearly. Thats why urban poople prefer this product one. (deqo)

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