NewsBMB Tue, 5 October 2021

3000 Reason, Why You are Going to Indonesia and Stay for 2 Months


Indonesia is already very famous for its rich natural resources which are very beautiful and also friendly people, so it invites a lot of tourists from abroad and settle in Indonesia. But apart from being filled with so many beautiful places, there are still many reasons you should visit Indonesia and probably stay here.

Which Countries don’t like Indonesia?

Actually there is no country that can be said to hate Indonesia. Indonesia has had very harmonious cooperation with many countries in the world, especially with Indonesia's own neighboring countries. Because Indonesia has a lot of natural resources, many countries need Indonesia as a source of suppliers for them.

However, even so, there are actually several countries that have a little conflict with Indonesia which can lead to a bad perception of their people towards the Indonesian people. Neighboring countries such as Australia and Malaysia often have many conflicts with the Indonesian people themselves.

The most famous cases are probably mostly with Malaysia, because the country is so close that there are many lines of interaction taking place in the two countries.

However, in general, the relations between Australia and Malaysia and Indonesia are still very harmonious. There is still a lot of cooperation that exists between these two countries. And even many of the population stay in Indonesia.

Why is Indonesia the Best Country?

Many tourists have visited Indonesia and said that Indonesia is the best country they have ever visited. This recognition may be one of the reasons you should visit Indonesia. This acknowledgment is not immediately given.

The tourists who have visited Indonesia find many unique things that are rarely found in other countries. The following are examples of some things that make Indonesia the best country and also reasons you should visit Indonesia:

  1. The People

It is common knowledge that the Indonesian people are one of the friendliest societies compared to other countries. Here, the people have the culture to help each other and are also very open to other people, especially to foreign immigrants.

Most foreign immigrants who come to Indonesia will definitely say that Indonesian people make them feel at home and also want to stay in Indonesia.

  1. The Culture

Indonesian culture is one of the best aspects that makes many people want to visit this country in Southeast Asia.

When asked "what do you like about Indonesia?" or "why do you love Indonesia?" most people will certainly immediately answer about how amazing Indonesian culture is.

Indonesia has many different cultures in each region. Every culture has its own charm which is the main reasons you should visit Indonesia.

Indonesia's diverse culture is often used as the main attraction in the tourism sector which invites tourists from abroad. Every year, millions of people come to Indonesia to watch the show and experience the unique traditional culture of Indonesia.

  1. Cheap Living Cost

This factor is also the best thing recognized by many foreign people who live in Indonesia. The cost of living in Indonesia is very cheap, which makes many foreign people want to stay in Indonesia and also permanently settle here.

In my opinion, the cost of living in Indonesia is very cheap when compared to other countries. Although not all areas have the same cost of living, for example, Jakarta, which has a fairly expensive cost of living, the cost of living can still be said to be achievable and in accordance with the income of the people in the area.

How's Life in Indonesia

In general, life in Indonesia is a very colorful and comfortable life. You will be surrounded by friendly people who are ready to help you when you need it. In addition, there will be many traditional cultural practices that you will witness every day.

Not only diversity in culture, ranging from race and religion, Indonesia is filled with various forms of diversity that make this country more colorful and interesting.

And of course when you live in Indonesia, you have to adapt to a variety of local cultures that are still very thick. Although it is still filled with traditional culture, Indonesia is also a modern country in terms of technological progress, so you don't have to worry if you live in Indonesia.

In essence, Indonesia is a great country that has many reasons why you should visit Indonesia, and even live here.