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How to be a Good Sales Manager, Part II


Being a sales manager is not easy and requires tireless work. A sales manager has to meet many conditions. What are the requirements? Here's the explanation.

Now that you know the five ways to be a good sales manager in the previous article “How to be a Good Sales Manager I”, you need to know the next steps. The focus of the discussion remains on the efforts of a sales manager who acts not only as a manager but also as a leader who can provide smart solutions.

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Good Sales Manager

There are still some ways you need to know. Here are the next steps on how to be a good manager who can inspire his team members.

  • Simplify the Process

The ease of a process will significantly affect team performance. A sales manager must be able to simplify the process so that team members can do it well. Remember that team productivity affects the ability to achieve sales results. If the sales process is complicated, the team will find it challenging to reach their highest potential.

If you are a wise sales manager, you can certainly understand the difficulties of team members. You can exchange opinions with them to overcome the problem. There must be cooperation to find an easier way with your team.

It means that if the teamwork process can be done simply, then don't make it complicated. As long as it's done the right way and doesn't violate the rules, you can run it moreover, if this simple method is proven to improve results.

  • Use Technology Strategically

Technology that has evolved over the years can help your team work faster and complete tasks easier. You and your team need to make the best use of technology to help achieve your sales targets.

One example of a strategy using technology is an automated sales system. This technology helps the team in recording each item.

There is also an i-cloud program. A seller today must have a complete and capable database. Using the i-cloud program, you and your team can connect and work from anywhere, regardless of time and place.

  • Be a Good Listener

It's not easy to be a good listener, especially if you're a manager. However, being a good sales manager can start as simple as listening. In leading a team, you are not only leading but also learning. In this learning process, you must listen to other people, especially your team members.

Try learning to listen to the stories or complaints of each member of your team first. Don’t get angry and make personal assumptions that may not be true. To be a wise leader, listen first, then talk.

  • Keep Learning

A smart sales manager will never tire of learning. Managers always want to get new things related to current sales strategies. As a manager, you have to find out about it immediately and upgrade that knowledge.

Sales managers should always sharpen and train their knowledge and experience. As science and technology develop, you certainly need to study and study again.

The strategies you are using now and often can get your team to reach their targets may be obsolete in the next 1 or 2 years. Before that happens, you should have found a solution.

  • Become an Initiator

Being a professional sales manager will always highlight the roles and responsibilities. Team members still await his initiative in solving problems. This action will encourage the team's confidence to work even better.

Therefore, you should always strive to be the initiator of your team. It is even when you have to face problems beyond your understanding. The initiatives you take will give your team members a mental boost.

Once you can solve the problems started by your initiative, then the trust of the team will increase. Your accountability in their eyes will also be higher.

To get maximum results, of course, you cannot do it in an instant. You must consistently run it at every opportunity. From now on, implement these sales manager habits properly. Until finally, you can feel that you are more effective at working as a sales manager.




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