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Why You Must Buy Samsung Galaxy Note20


Do you want to have a sophisticated cellphone from a well-known brand? The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is here as a solution to your needs. What are the advantages?


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Samsung has consistently made the Galaxy Note Series a product line for consumers who want more power from a smartphone. Likewise, with the latest Galaxy Note20 series, it has recently been officially marketed in Indonesia. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 has maximum performance with Power to Work and Power to Play for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note20

There are several reasons why you must buy the Samsung Galaxy Note20. Here are some advantages you need to know.

  • More Sturdy Design

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 comes with several advantages with a premium, neutral, and simple design. The Galaxy Note20 has a more neutral color. Mystic Bronze is the hero color in this series. It is neutral but still looks expensive and exclusive.

The smartphone's four corners are still sharp, like the previous generation with a matte surface to hide fingerprints. However, the Galaxy Note20 has a more visible camera bump with a large sensor and periscope camera.

The material used is also better than the previous generation. Samsung has provided Gorilla Glass Victus glass protection, which can withstand a height of up to 2 meters. However, for screen safety, you should use a case for your Galaxy Note20.

  • Enhanced S Pen Responsiveness

One of the Galaxy Note20 advantages is its comfortable stylus. Samsung is always improving the S Pen on the Galaxy Note. Last year, Samsung introduced gesture control. On the Galaxy Note20 series, the S Pen upgrade focuses more on the digital writing experience.

You can use a combination of the gyroscope sensor, the accelerometer, and artificial intelligence (AI) for more accurate writing. The latency on the Galaxy Note20's S-Pen stylus is also low - currently just 26ms. High responsiveness with low latency makes writing on the screen feel like writing on paper.

Samsung also added air gestures to the stylus. You can perform movements according to the capacitive button model such as the ">" sign to enter the multitasking menu, "^" to return to the menu, and "<" to return to the previous menu. By moving the S Pen, it automatically takes a screenshot and brings up the feature for drawing.

  • Take Notes Easier

The process of recording on the Galaxy Note20 is much easier. To start taking notes, you don't need to unlock passwords or access any particular note-taking application. You only need to remove the stylus from the storage slot and can immediately write down quick notes via the Screen off memo feature.

Samsung has also perfected Samsung Notes on the Galaxy Note20. You can access all your saved notes from various other devices, for example, via a tablet or PC. Besides, the collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft allows all notes in Samsung Notes to sync with OneNote.

If you are not good at handwriting, the auto straighten feature can automatically create neatly organized notes, including converting them to text - you can copy and paste. Users can also take advantage of the Audio Bookmark feature to record the writing process while providing voice notes.

  • Sophisticated Camera Device

The Galaxy Note20 Series wins not only on productivity but also on camera features. It can zoom digital up to 50x zoom, 8K video camera, 12MP telephoto camera with a bigger diaphragm at f / 3.0. The main sensor uses a 108MP f / 1.8 resolution with PDAF and OIS.

This series also has an additional sensor in the form of a laser autofocus system. You can use the system to speed up the time to focus in all conditions. The Galaxy Note20 camera has a 12MP Dual Pixel AF resolution and a 64MP telephoto up to 30x zoom.

  • Long-Lasting Battery

To support long-lasting productivity, Samsung provides a sufficient battery capacity. The Galaxy Note20 features a Lithium-Ion type battery with a capacity of 4,300 mAh. With the battery capacity, you can carry out daily activities without any low-batt notifications.

In the flagship HP market, cell phones with batteries of 4,000 and above are already quite large, especially because the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series also has a Super AMOLED panel that presents a true black display so that it can keep the battery longer.

Samsung Galaxy is here as a high-quality smartphone product. For those of you who want to have a high-performance mobile device, the Galaxy Note20 Series can be a smart choice.




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